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Calcium is a mineral, known as a macro mineral-macro, meaning large-and it is essential in more than minute, or extremely small amounts. Minerals that are needed in minute, or tiny amounts, are known as micro minerals. We get calcium from food that we eat, as well as from supplements. The most abundant food source comes form milk and other dairy prodcuts.

Calcium-A Critical Mineral For The Body

Calcium is needed in many body processes. It is needed in the formation of our teeth and our bones. It is also stored there and can be withdrawn from our teeth and bones if there is a defficiency somewhere else in the body. Calcium supports the strenght and and the hardness of our bones and teeth.

Our muscles use calcium for movement as well as nerve conductivity. It also enables the blood vessels their ability to move about the body and assists in the release of hormones, enzymes, and just about every function of the human body.

Depending on your age, you will need more calcium or less calcium. As we age, our bodies begin to have difficulty in maintaining the correct levels of calcium and also the ability to absorb enough of it from our food.

We now know that the body needs vitamin D3 to absorb calcium, meaning that low levels of vitamin D3 can cause a defficiency of calcium-not to mention other problems associated with low amounts of vitamin D3.

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Magnesium is an Essential Mineral for Good Health

Another one of the essential macro-minerals for good health, and which supports close to three hundred reactions in the human body, is magnesium. A few of the reasons which make this such a fundamental mineral in the lives of many people, includes the fact that it aids with the transmission of impulses from the nerves.

Moreover, this mineral aids with the regulation of body temperature as well as the detoxification process. It enhances increased production of energy levels in the body while aiding with the job of strengthening and forming healthy bones and teeth.

Even if you take enough calcium and there isn't adequate magnesium in your body, the absorption of calcium will be impeded. Calcium can only be absorbed by the body in increasing measures where the amount of magnesium is good and properly maintained, along with vitamin D3.

The Easing Of Symptoms With Magnesium

Women have been among the biggest beneficiaries of this healthy mineral. Some of the depressing and painful symptoms associated with menopause in women can be helped with the intake of this mineral. It does, seem to help and keep at bay, most of the effects of premenstrual syndrome.

Osteoporosis, in women, can be helped immensely and dealt with properly as a result of their intake of magnesium in the body. Pregnant women can find it to be helpful in giving them relief from the risks associated with premature labor as well.

Magnesium And Prevention

It acts as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases when taken in enough quantities. Certain conditions, such as strokes and abnormal heart rhythms can be prevented with the proper use of magnesium. If you suffer from problems related with blood pressure, a diet rich in magnesium can be very helpful.

Other health problems which can be resolved through adequate intake of magnesium include diabetes, especially the type 2-or adult onset-including diabetic retinopathy. Some people who struggle with insomnia, migraines and depression do find relief with the addition of therapeutic levels of magnesium to their diet. Some psychiatric disorders which are responsible for high levels of discomfort and stress such as panic attacks have been treated using this mineral.

Food Sources Of Magnesium

There are various sources of food from which one can obtain magnesium. Most often, fish, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, wheat germ and nuts, are sufficient to help with this. However, there are instances when these foods are just not enough in helping us with our need for magnesium. In this case, it is advisable to use supplements.

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