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The absolute need for enhanced mental performance in today's academic and business society is undisputed. Scholastic requirements are as intense as the most competitive corporate environments and the world is simply demanding more and higher levels of performance.

In very much the same way steroids have been used to increase physical performance in both collegiate and professional sports specific medications such as Adderall have been used to enhance cognitive abilities in a significant manner. The allure of 4.0 vs a 2.5 GPA or a CEO position vs mid-management is too important of a reality to ignore or dismiss.

While Adderall is amazing for its intended use ADD/ADHD - its formulation doesn't provide 100% effectiveness for all of its other "off-label" users. This is not a negative reflection on the aging (16 + years old) Adderall formulation; just the reality that this pharmaceutical was not designed/developed with the sole purpose and function of mental performance and cognitive enhancement (for non ADD/ADHD users) for academic/business strategic purposes.

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Ampheta-CDP is the active pharmaceutical compound used in Gentech's non-prescription alternative for Adderall - ADDTabz. Ampheta-CDP is the amplified hybrid of Ampheta-HCL** designed for use in both physician offices as well as OTC versions for enhanced mental performance. The most known of these products are ADDTabz which is most recognized as the alternative for millions for Adderall.

The entire ADDTabz (RX version and the hyper-advanced non-prescription ADDTabz) product line formulation is NOT an herbal supplement but rather a designer non-prescription pharmaceutical analog providing superior results without the side effects of its chemical cousin's amphetamine spectrum.

ADDTabz has been referred to as the new Smart Drug or Study Drug

ADDTabz has been referred to as the new Smart Drug or Study Drug" even though it is available in non-prescription formulation. This new category (Smart Drugs & Study Drugs) is any drug or supplement designed to improve cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, problem solving and critical thinking.

They are sometimes called Nootropics which differ from other productivity enhancers, such as Adderall, in that they're minimally taxing on the body and aid in the prevention of brain cell damage while providing analogous heightened cognitive function and mental clarity. ADDTabz is the Holy Grail for the students struggling to stay afloat and the ones setting an example alike.

ADDTabz can also be used by shift workers, and others who work long hours, when one needs to stay alert and safe. Truck drivers and airline pilots, who have long and grueling days and nights, can also take advantage of using ADDTabz to stay alert and focused.

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