Healthy Acai Berry
Certified Organic And Kosher

Harvesting And Processing Acai Berry

Our acai berry is harvested-from the Acai Palm Tree-and processed in the heart of the Amazon River basin in Belem and Manaus Brazil. We bring it into North America as a pure pulp or in pure freeze dried powder form.

As soon as the acai berry fruit is picked, it is packaged and exported immediately to sustain all of its natural health properties. All of our products are processed in organic certified FDA regulated facilities. Our acai berry is 100% organic, wild and sustainably harvested.

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After bottling, it is shipped to our Nevada warehouse for distribution across North America as well as internationally. You can't buy acai berry as a whole fruit in North America.

You can only get it in powder or pulp form. When the acai berry is picked, it is a delicate fruit that must be processed within 24 hours as it is highly perishable.

We also sell 100% pure freeze dried acai berry "organic capsules" and "organic scoop" acai berry powder, and we are now featuring our pure acai berry concentrate in 1.1 fl oz. single-dose packets for those on the go.

Be Careful Of Poor Quality

Beware of other versions of powder that may contain fillers, carriers, multidextrin, corn starch (dried corn syrup) and/or magnesium stearate, which is an added powder that absorbs the valuable omega fatty acids of the fruit-so that it can be filled easier. This actually depletes some of the most important health properties of this Amazonian Super-Fruit.

Many companies are not required to add these carriers to their ingredient list since they are added during the production process and certain regulations permit the omission of such ingredients. Most of these powders have high glucose levels.

This berry is an anti-inflammatory and energy enhancer. Sugar causes inflammation and energy loss. Sugar is the #1 cause of dietary induced inflammation. There is a difference between Amazon Thunder acai and other brands of acai berry.

Other companies use ingredients that are not 100% organic and may contain guarana which is a form of caffeine-many health conscious people prefer not to consume caffeine.

To help you, we disclose some of our competitor's ingredients
and compare their methods of processing...

To read about the quality and safety of many competitor's acai berry products-and their manufacturing methods, ckick here.

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