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What is Vitamin B1? These are a couple of questions we will answer on this page. Vitamin B1 is a water soluble vitamin, and is also known as thiamine. Where did this name come from?

Scientists discovered that B1 has a sulfur bond in it, and the name in science for sulfur is "thio." So, the name was shortend from thio-vitamine to thiamine.

Biological Function Of Vitamin B1

Because our bodies use sulfur for many chemical processes, especially in neurological functioning, any vitamin containing sulfur is considered essential.

Sulfur is a donor to phosphorous, and when thiamine is broken down by the body, it yields thiamine pyrophosphate. This is a critical co-enzyme, a double bonded molecule, that is used to break down amino acids-protein molecules-and many sugars.

B1-An Essential Nutrient For Good Health

The human body does not synthesize vitamin B1, so it must be obtained in the diet. This is why it is classified as a vitamin. If we do not consume enough of this vitamin, then the disease process can begin to take shape. The nervous system is greatly affected by B1, and low amounts can create serious problems.

One of these problems or disease is beriberi-a nervous system disfunction-affecting the hands, legs and feet-and symptoms appear such as shaking and weakness in these extremities.

A defficiency in vitamin B1 can even lead to diabetes, from the body's inability to break down sugars appropriately, and even heart disease. So, we can see the importance of getting enough thiamine in our diet-and even supplementing our diet with nutritional supplements.

Food Sources Of Vitamin B1

Some of the best sources of vitamin B1 come from foods found in Nature. Here is a short list of some of these foods. Some vegetarian sources are:

*flaxseeds or flaxmeal,
*brown rice and other whole grains,
*sunflower seeds,
*cauliflower, and oranges.

Animal sources are from liver and eggs.

Recently, scientists have discovered the benefits of a fat soluble version of Vitamin B1 in the treatment of diabetes. This is known as benfotiamine, and it seems to assist the body with the proper breakdown and metabolizing of sugars.

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New Studies Show Critical Importance Of Vitamins B1 And B6

The journal Clinical Nutrition recently published the finding of an association between higher intake of vitamins B1 and B6 with a lower risk of dying among older men and women, during a ten year follow-up.1

In another study, at the Cancer Epidemiology Program, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, it was found that "higher circulating levels of vitamin B6 are associated with a reduced risk of invasive postmenopausal breast cancer." 2

References: 1. Clin Nutr. 2012 Aug;31(4):448-54.    2. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2012 Aug 9

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